Updated Standings

Hi everyone!  I have updated the standings to reflect that two riders bumped out of their declared division 4 or more times during the last show.  As you know, the rules for the 2014 Halter Series state that if a rider bumps out of their division 4 or more times during a single show, the rider will be automatically moved up to the next higher division and points for that show will be recalculated.  Everyone please check the standings to see where you now stand in the series.  Even if you were not one of the riders who was moved, your standing may have been affected.  Congratulations to those who ran faster than they thought they would!

Also, the updated ratings matrix that lists times for each of the events that are planned to be run during the Halter Series at Leona Valley has been posted under Publications.



Gymkhana, Sunday March 30th

The March 30th Gymkhana is on the horizon, just around the corner, coming right up.  So the question is, are you ready to have some more fun????  The day promises to fun and exciting and it looks like we are going to have excellent weather.  The Queen Cafe will be serving up a delicious breakfast and lunch and will have pleanty of snacks  to purchase.  Remember sign in starts at 8:00am and we start the Gymkhana at 9:00am.  This will be our second Gymkhana in our Halter Series.  So grab your boots, put on your hat, jump on your horse and lets go!!!!


If you would like more information please call 661-341-0883

2014 Leona Valley Gymkhana Halter Series

The Leona Valley Gymkhana Halter Series will begin at the first Gymkhana of the year, February 15th.  

Future dates will be posted soon, we are just waiting for the dates of another Rodeo Assoc to post their dates so we avoid scheduling conflicts.

Keep watching for the dates to come.


Were excited for a great year!

See you soon!

February 15th Gymkhana



Our first Gymkhana of the year will be this coming Saturday February 15th,  The events will be (not in order):

Cloverleaf Barrels

Washington Poles


Precision Barrels


Figure 8 Stake

Sign ups are at 8am and be ready to ride at 9am.


If you have any questions please call 661-341-0883